Friday, July 22, 2011

Pneumonia has about done me in !! I am never sick in the summer but this has been a terror - I am now on my second round of antibiotics - so stitching has not been a priority and I miss it.

Not long ago I read about a designer that offered free little designs - and they were copyrighted, so therefore, she did not want any changes made as you stitched. Gosh, I can't think of anyone that has not substituted diff colors on a design. I have a new chart that is in blue but I want to stitch it in pink for GD. Now I am not sure if I should just sell the chart or give it to Goodwill. In all of my years of stitching, I have never heard of a designer making such demands, especially for a free design. Most designers seem happy that we have personalized the design to fit our needs. Now for historical reproductions, I am much more diligent about trying to re-create the original - but for some cutesy, quickie little design??? - if you feel the need for that kind of control, why not keep it to yourself so it is not defiled.

On this same line, I received a new chart whereby the designer states " Be Creative!" She gives alternate thread colors and it appears to be OK to use whatever color of linen we like - that is my kind of designer and I will be buying more of her designs.

I recently was in a craft store and they have started putting out fall ribbons and decorations and even though it was 95 outside, I started thinking about Thanksgiving dinner!! It must have been a coping mechanism before heat stroke!!


  1. Dear Friend...I was just thinking about you today! I do hope this second round of meds helps you. It's a drag to be sick, especially when it's so darned hot out.

    I can't imagine someone putting such restrictions on a chart, especially a FREE one. Oh well...glad you found a more agreeable designer.
    Take Care and GET WELL QUICK!!

  2. Dear sorry to hear that you are ill! I hope and pray that you can beat this nasty illness and have a speedy and complete recovery...

    Sounds like that designer has a bit of a control issue, LOL! Glad you found someone easier to work with...

    Happy Stitchin'