Thursday, August 4, 2011

Isn't this pretty? I have not started on it yet, but it is in the "pile" - I pray I live long enough to complete some of these. I hate to think I will still be stitching birth samplers as the grandchildren go to college!

I have to show you this outfit I created for GD - I thought it will be comfortable and adorable on her. It has white eyelet and a tulle bow on the front and the back. I hate to think what I have spent on ribbons & lace recently; but this was worth it.

This will be short - I am off to Duke for a brain scan; many of you know I am a daily migraineur and had 2 brain surgeries in a 5 yr period - guess what's coming up again ????!!!!!!!!!
Honestly, why not just put a zipper back there and be done with it !!!!!!!
I have collected a couple of small stitching items that will not be too taxing for post-op - at least I will be on my feet for Thanksgiving.
Can you believe how fast time is flying by - our children go back to school in 3 weeks!

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