Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I know we all love stitching but here is another passion (no really, they're for the grandchildren!!) Here are just a few of the teddy bears in my collection:
Luckily I have a granddaughter, as GS is completely absorbed with dinosaurs = he is pure boy!!
What else do you collect? I love china and dessert plates are a weakness!

Want to see some beautiful samplers that are for sale - go here:

Now that GS is in school, I think I will stitch this for him - it's practical and will not be out-dated for a number of years:
Oh boy, another band sampler!!

Our temps are getting warmer this week, so I at least feel spring will really stay this time - we just had snow last week! Take care!


  1. Nice samplers! I really like the Marie Anne Quaker! Thanks for the link also.

  2. Very cute blog you have! I love the samplers and the teddy bears. I collect cat themed items. I'm not sure how it started, but at one point, I had over 500 ceramic cats. I got rid of a punch of them, but I still have a nice shelf in my office with my favorites!

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