Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I want to welcome the new blog frog friends - it's nice sharing things that we have in common.

I need to put down the peanut M&M's and start stitching but I love their spring time colors!
Here is some progress for the GD's room - it goes with the ABC sampler:
I also have this in the wings for GD's room - I have most of the pinks pulled for this and hopefully it will go quickly.

My dear friend Sandy is going to be a grandmother in Nov, so I have pulled together fabric, needles and cute teddy bear charts to get her started. She stitched years ago and now is a good time to bring her back in the fold. But as we all know, when stitching for the grand children, time flies by and before you know it they are here and you are not ready!!! We are so excited, we are going shopping next Sunday - I hope the rain stops by then!
And hopefully when it does, this addition of a screened porch off the back of the kitchen will get completed:

My precious GS was here this weekend and it just was not long enough; he has spring break next week, so I will have him for 4 days!! Let the spoiling begin!!!
We are already looking at the toy store inserts for his Aug birthday and the biggest wish is for Legos! How easy is that?!! But I also have in hiding some other goodies he will enjoy - I just love planning his birthday party at my house (because we share the same month!).


  1. Oh, I love peanut M&Ms! Great progress on the number sampler. I stitch the ABC sampler years ago for my family room. It was so much fun to stitch!

    Glad you get spend time with your GS next week! Nice of you to help your friend get back to stitching. It's always nice to have a friend to share the love with!

  2. Spoiling GC....Mmmm....Oh, I do that already. With 6 of them, I am always busy spoiling...love your blog....from another grandma.....to you.

  3. It's been so long since I've done any cross stitching. I'm reminded of how much I loved it.