Thursday, March 24, 2011

I recently found this blog and once I looked over it, I realized I have several of her wonderful designs! It's a pretty blog too!

Here's a picture of Liam's girl friend:
I won't show the one where she has put toast on her head but it is funny; but it probably won't be when she's 16!!!!!!

Though we are trying a new med for the never ending headache, I don't think it is going to be the answer - my body does not like it and even though I have reduced my dosage, it is not staving off the pain. At least it was generic!!
Is it me or is service just a thing of the past?? So far this year, my pharmacy has lost 2 prescriptions - a chain drug store that should have its stuff together. Someone mentioned mail order but I have not tried that option - I wonder what the turn around time is?

GO DUKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hello Mimi...
    I think Liam would love the photo of his future wife with toast on her head! She's absolutely darling.

    Heartstring Samplery does put out some great designs. So glad you found Beth's blog.

  2. Hi, your blog is so sweet and I love anything with crafting! Found you on SITS, definitely following you and going to share with my mother as well!
    Come say hello to me at
    I have just started out and haven't posted in a couple weeks waiting on the new design to refinished, which will be unveiled today!
    Can't wait to see more on yours, would love if you could follow me too!
    Happy day,