Monday, March 7, 2011

I want to say "Hello" to all my friends, as I have been missing in action; I have been in a migraine swamp lately - after a 5 day bout, I was on steroids to break the cycle; it helped but I am back into another round. Because the head pain is more frequent, I went to a neurologist who believes I may be having secondary headaches called Hemicrania Continua - it makes you go around asking people to pull the knife out of your eye!! Not fun. Oh, I didn't mention the 'good' part = you can still have migraines with this type of head pain!!
The recent show of 'Royal Pains' discussed chronic disease and had a banner that said: "You are not your disease". These words seemed almost empowering - many times I feel like I am always saying: " Hi - my name is Mimi and I am a daily migraineur".
Here is a new book about the never ending headache:
I believe this may be one combination I have not tried!!

We are going round and round at my house over my samplers. No - not because I have too many (which I do) or they cost too much to frame - nothing like that. It is because I will not hang them up.
I know many of you have sampler walls or Quaker walls and they are gorgeous - I am happy to just sit and look at all your lovely tributes to our fore-mothers. Each of you stitchers do beautiful work and should be so proud and I personally thank you for letting me see them; they are inspirational.
In my current house, there are a couple of large walls that need something and my family thinks my samplers should be displayed where everyone can see them. I am having trouble with this idea. It looks like I am vying for attention - anyone that walks in will feel obligated to comment on them - it's not who I am. It just seems so personal to put my work out there in public view (esp for those that are not sampler lovers).
I could be talked into putting them in another room but that is not the popular idea.
I don't know why I am having difficulty with this - is it because I think I am not a real artist, though some of the samplers are my own creation & design?
Is there a pill for this???????
And since I am still on a band sampler binge, I love these:

It is cold today so will use the fireplace - after a news show stated a barrel of oil is now $106, I am glad we all have our stitching - it does not cost anything to sit and create a lovely remembrance for the next generations.

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  1. Sandra hi,
    I'm so sorry you've had to be on such strong medication that it takes the enjoyment out of your days. I always keep you in my prayers and hope that something will be found to help with this condition.

    It must be quite difficult deciding where to display your lovely stitching. What about up the stairs. I have seen several displayed like this and they look really effective. It's a shame not to let people see these designs brought to life :>)

    I love the Heartstrings Samplery patterns. I have several from this designer that are real favourites.
    Lots of good wishes Angela xx