Sunday, February 27, 2011

I recently clicked on a blog and within a couple of minutes was in heart attack territory as some music loudly comes out of no where! People should warn you about those music players! The migraines have been consistent = as in every day and loud sound, smell & light are some of my triggers - of course, no reason at all is also a trigger!!!!!!! My favorite House episode where he gives himself a migraine was on a couple of days ago - hysterically fun but so true.

These band samplers will look nice on the long wall, as you come in the foyer - now, I have not actually put needle to thread but I love the planning part as well as anything.

I am still enthralled with some old designs that I never got to - but held on to the charts anyway. I still love the Plantation Sampler(I have seen people working on it in their blogs) and have this design done enough to start thinking about frames:
Here is another older pattern, but the close-up would not stay focused:

Reading about the french needlework show that was held recently just has me ready to go!! I wish there was more info about attending - I have never been to France and flying is not my favorite activity, but I am willing to ignore my fears to see the beautiful wares.

These linens are too dark for me - I think I will add them to the sales blog at next chance.
There are so many projects I want to do for the grand childrens rooms and I need lighter colors.

It could get 70 degrees today and I plan to put lettuce seeds in their containers on the porch - won't it be great to have fresh produce again!! Come on spring!!
Edit to add: the title of the above chart is The Garden Path by Sheepish Designs


  1. I must admit...I agree with you about the music on blogs. I am usually looking through blogs when Masterchief is watching TV or something so I keep the sound on my laptop off. I couldn't even tell you which blogs have music anymore!

    Looks like you have some work cut out for you with those three samplers. Yes the planning is the fun part!

    The last sampler you have pictured here...the blurry one...can you tell me the name of it and the designer? It's no problem if you can't, I just thought it was a very beautiful piece that reminds me of a stamped on sampler I did about 23 years ago.

  2. Sandra hi :>)
    I'm so sorry to read that your migraines seem to be almost a permanent feature in your life rather than just occasionally. They must sap all your energy. Sending you lots of get well wishes.

    Like you, I love the old designs very much especially Sheepish Designs. Dawn's designs were the first I came across when I became interested in stitching and I am really glad I worked out how to order online - so many years ago :>)

    I have to agree with you over the Paris stitching show. I was lucky enough to be able to go this year and had a lovely short holiday in France at the same time. The show was breath taking but so much to see in just one day. I don't know what it is about French designers and French stitching but it definitely has a different feel to it. The fabrics, ribbons, charms and trimmings are just gorgeous :>)
    Sending warm wishes Angela xx