Thursday, February 17, 2011

With the help of someone else's blog, I think was able to figure out this whole comment thing. I hope it's working - There have been some comments that did not show up, so this is still a learning process.

This is what I gave my GC for Valentine's Day - they are cute and will look sweet in their rooms.

We may actually see the mid 60's later this week and I am so ready - I need to start some seedlings = the mini tomatoes & herbs. I have learned that all my plants do better in clay pots.

I am truly loving the band samplers and I pulled this one out recently - now I need to find some more that are similar, so they pair up once they have been framed.

Here are pics of Papaw's birthday and the next one is her highness applauding !!

I recently read that someone felt that blogging was sort of a fad and that it would eventually fade away - do you think so? I would miss meeting the people that I have come to consider friends - without the blogging, I would never have met them.

I have an appt with a new neurologist at Duke in March - I am hopeful but not excited enough to jump up & down. I have tried so many things for migraines (including 2 brain surgeries) but maybe there is some new thing that I need to try and I will try anything once. I am actually optimistic because I had a super neurosurgeon, who had a great staff and I think she is part of his group. Barring severe head pain, it is also a chance to stop at the new outlets in Mebane -
I can't wait to go to the QVC outlet (and Michael Kors, Le Creuset..)!


  1. Oh what adorable teddy bears for your grand children! They look so soft. Papaw looks like he his thoroughly enjoying his birthday sweets...and your grand daughter is such a precious angel!

    The band sampler looks like a challenge. Can't wait to see progress posts.

    I'm so glad you figured out how to enable comments...but I would have emailed you anyway!


  2. Oh boy - comment ready, you're in for it now:) Glad you're able to share your work with us!

  3. Sandra hi :>)
    I'm so glad you've sorted out the comments section. it's good to be able to jot down a few thoughts :>)
    The little teds are absolutely gorgeous and such lovely gifts for the grandchildren. I do have a weakness for teddies.

    I love your German band sampler too. I look forward to seeing your progress. How wonderful to be having temperatures in the sixties. Ours are not even reaching double figures yet and it was so cold this morning sleet was falling. We have had the odd day Spring day which has fooled the plants in the garden but, now they are regretting popping up so eagerly :>)

    Good luck with the neurology appointment. i hope they have some positive news for you :>)
    Warm wishes Angela