Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hello dear stitching sisters!
I am sure everyone is getting into decorating mode for the various holidays that are approaching - it is a wonderful time of year.

I just came across this almost completed piece - I actually think I could get this done some time in this year:

I recently saw someone's Plantation Sampler that they are working on and I want it desperately!
I had that pattern but have no idea where it went.  If someone has it and would like to sell or trade it, let me know either thru comments or email.  I have a lot of collectible patterns and tons of linen so I am sure I have something you could use.

Please share what you are working on - I enjoy everyone's inspiring work.  The migraines have calmed down so I hope to begin stitching more consistently.
Take care and have a look at the sale page - I hope to continually add more things as I down-size.

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