Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone a little early. I wish all of you a wonderful day.

The brain surgery is healing slowly, but it is not clear if the implant can stay, as the brain seems to want to reject it. I think I will use this as an excuse to eat choc cheesecake!

I have not stitched since surgery, but I have been looking thru things, so hopefully I will be tempted after the first of the year. I hope you have had time to stitch during this busy time.

This was just a quick hello before a dr's appt and I hope everyone is well. I send good thoughts to all of you.

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  1. I am not very familiar with blogs, but I was told that you have a chart for sale. It is "Peaceable Kingdom" by Goode Huswife. Is this still available? I know there are other patterns with this title, but I am interested only in the one by Goode Huswife. I would be so grateful if you could respond! P.S. I am a grandma, too, but my boys are all grown up.