Monday, September 26, 2011

Do you still have older designs that you hold on to? I definitely do and I still love them as much as when I purchased them. Of course, some I love and collect even though I have not stitched any!! But it is a fun hobby!
I just received my order for the JCS Ornament issue - it just doesn't seem like the holidays without it!

Please go see the adorable denim jacket I decorated for GD - the lace adds just the perfect touch to the ruffles on the jacket!

Here is a wonderful site for migraineurs:

It gives you a chance to rewrite a day lost because of migraine - it is a wonderful gesture and I can't wait to read the winning story.

Have you seen the ad for the cd for Tony Bennett & duets? I think I am going to get it, as his voice is still wonderful.

The leaves are starting to turn here and the temps much more reasonable - fall is the best!

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  1. Tornado warnings here today. That's just crazy for September.
    I don't know how I've missed your posts in August. Was just thinking of you yesterday wondering how you've been.
    Love the jacket!