Monday, May 2, 2011

I am so flattered to be part of Sorority Rush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come see this beautiful blog!

I know most of you know of this site but for any new folks, you need this link:
It is so organized and I cannot imagine the time it took to construct this site. It is so nice to see everyone's updates.

The royal wedding made me think of the Royal School of Needlework - would it not be wonderful to learn more about it? I am hoping that while the new Princess is living in the country, she will pick up some needlework and eventually choose the School as a focus and promote it as an official function.
I have read that our European stitching sisters pay dearly for DMC threads - while here in the USA, we pay more for the overseas designers. I will be happy to trade with anyone that has European designs - I have an excellent amount of thread and I will be glad to trade with you - just send me an email = it's on the side of this blog.

Besides needlework, I also enjoy painting items - like this oval box:
I also use them to put gifts in - I need to do one with pink roses for GD's room, so she can keep her hair accessories inside.

Don't you think GD will love these?
These last 2 were found at a thrift shop - love it !!

Someone recently wrote to me after seeing the blog and introduced herself - we like some of the same things and it was a real treat because it came while in the mist of a terrible migraine that is in the 5th day. And I remember thinking she does not realize what a gift she gave (though she probably does by now because I wrote back and thanked her!!). This makes me aware of how thoughtfulness can make someone's day exceptional and we all need more of those.


  1. Oh how I have missed following your posts here while I was working! I saw the pictures of your dear Grand daughter and I MUST forward them on to Liam as I know he will be interested.
    Yesterday was my last day of work and we are headed to Maine to visit with my MIL for about a week then back to PA to see Liam and is parents for a day or so. Can't wait to get back home.

  2. I agree about the Royal School - what a treat to have Catherine as the Patron! Yes, thread IS much more expensive here - I stock up on each trip! Hope the migraine has finally disappeared!